laurel fowlie RMT

laurel fowlie RMT, BA, MEd.

Laurel Fowlie RMTLaurel became a registered massage therapist in 1999, 3 years after becoming a certified reflexologist.

She has worked in chiropractic and physiotherapist clinics, as well as having her own practice in a massage therapy clinic.

In addition to clinical work, Laurel has also worked in spa environments including on the Queen Elizabeth 2 Luxury Ocean Liner.

Now a part time massage therapist, Laurel is also an educator. She published “An introduction to Heat and Cold as therapy” in 2006, available for purchase here. The text is used in many massage therapy colleges. Having earned¬†her Masters of Education (adult education – 2005), Laurel teaches anatomy, physiology and pathology to students studying massage therapy at ICT Kikkawa College.

Laurel’s firm touch is well suited to both therapeutic treatments and relaxation massages.

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Saturday (alternating) - Back in Sept9am - 2pm